If you are looking for a simple one page web brochure to a complicated E-commerce site with 1000's of items we have the capability you need. Creating a simple website to boast your business is easy. You can supply us everything you have currently (brochures, business flyers, business cards, catalogs) and we will create a site the will contain that same information. If you don't have current information you can speak with one of our representatives and they will take the information needed to create a unique site just for you. 

Looking for your E-commerce Shopping site, so you can reach millions of potential customers? We can create the site to blow away your competition. Supporting 10 to 1000's of items NIC Enterprises, Inc. can show you the steps to take. Integrating into UPS, FedEx and the USPS and Online Merchant Accounts make your job easier. Allowing complete customization will give you the winning edge to catering to the world of the internet. Design rates start as low as $55 an hour.
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